The paper is dead, long live the SMBOX.

How the best reduce errors from out-of-date documentation?

Why were old documents found during the audit?

What is the fastest way how to release document change?

Not only the above questions, but many others will not be asked.

Thanks to a smart solution based on Industry 4.0 called SMBOX.

All in one place

All current documents, production and technology plans, graphic visualisation and manuals can be showed from the SMBOX.

No employee excuses

Workers will not make excuses for not knowing about new document index. Everything is available on just one click.

Audit with clean shield

The most errors occur during audit, when workers are nervous and sometimes unwittingly pull out an out-of-date drawing. This will never happen with SMBOX.

Resistive display

Thanks to the different display sizes, everything is clearly readable. All displays are resistive so workers can operate with gloves, pen or pencil.

Online production plans and statistics

Not only documents but also production plans and statistics can be visible via report service. Online production monitoring and actual production information are showed there online. In case of urgent need, you can evaluate if you will wait for bigger quantity of parts or if you have to take it out and send out (e.g. in case of extra transport to customer).

Overview of products and tools in production

Thanks to data collection, it is possible to register tools and fixtures directly at the workplace. Either the worker selects what to use directly on the display, or using an RFID tag. This helps to have great overview which tools were used for production as well as will be known where are the tools (in case of taking from toolbox).

Connectivity with several devices and machines

Up to 6 different devices can be connected directly with the SMBOX, e.g. barcode readers, testing devices or label printers, and others. Thanks connectivity is possible to collect data from almost every device used for production process.