To track, to evaluate and to learn from collected information.

... that's what's going on as said W. Shakespeare.

Equipment and personnel performance monitoring is a important strategic step.

Each employee have a different work performance, the individual operations and tasks. In case of performance decrease is important to have tool where will be possible to find reason „Why?“. How to detect the decrease?

SMBOX collects data and through training we learn how to correctly evaluate and prepare actions. Our services does not end with implementation, we provide cooperation in the data evaluation and therefore we make sure that every teamleader and especially the management have available data which can correctly evaluate.

To get the best results you should use the latest tools on market.

Tailor made solution is the best for achieving the best outcomes.

OEE tracking

Performance, from the English abbreviation OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), indicates how effectively a employee or machine performs their work. It is important to focus on the key points of the production process, which can be used to increase efficiency or to monitor effectively to get a real overview of current events.

Workplace optimization

Thanks to the data obtained, you have an overview of the real tact time, used products and tools.

Easy reporting

Acquired data are displayed online in graphic form without needed work in Excel or another spreadsheet.

Causes and consequences

In the long term data acquisition, you have the ability to identify causes and eliminate the consequences.

ANDON display

Obtained data can be displayed in visible places in production or in management offices. You can immediately see downtime, equipment operation and production status.

Reality instead of estimation

To get realistic data is the best way how to measure real efficiency and to avoid any claims from employees about too short tact time or idle time.